Kindergarten Family Insight

4100$ per person

31st July – 12th August 2019
Age: 3 – 9 years + Parents

Camp focus

This family camp in Shanghai’s twin city Hamburg is designed to easily access the World of Waldorf through experience. We recommend this on our WWC Level Scale as three star for children, and four star for parents because of the communication aspect in a foreign country.

The children get along and playfully experience the rituals, the rhythm, and the routines of Waldorf naturally by imitating. They have the teachers and their parents as role-models. However, for the parents, it will be not only experiencing but also learning new methods to take home to enrich their family lives and parenting approach. Secondly, this family camp is the opportunity for ?detoxing?, for the whole family to relax in the very clean and refreshing natural environment around the city of Hamburg, Volksdorf Forest, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany’s North. Last but not least, Hamburg with its rich traditions and culture (Hanesatic city), and its many astonishing sights will be explored and experience in-depths. The triangle of education-nature-culture will guide us with this extraordinary experience being exposed to the Hanseatic authentic, establish, pure World of Waldorf.

Skill Levels
Learning Skills0%
Physical Skills0%
Creative Skills0%
Communication Skills0%
Self Skills0%
Level of Skill Development

Waldorf and Challenge Beginners

Skill Levels

As we foster children through our Waldorf educational approach to develop holistically, we’d like to give you the following guidance for further observing your child, nurture it with the competencies and skills so that it can grow and develop.

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  • Destination
  • Departure
  • Dress Code
    Weather proof clothing, sturdy footwear
  • Included
    City Sightseeing
    Museum visits
    Outdoor activities
    Waldorf School Visit
  • Not Included
    Camp fire
    Factory Visit
    Lake tours
    Mountain Exploration
    Outdoor Cooking
    River Excursion
    River Exploration
    Wilderness Exploration

In Hamburg, we will reside in the Novum East Apartments, which gives plenty of comfort for the whole family to feel relaxed. It is a comfortable and beautiful location. We will bring the children into the kindergarten every morning and let them mingle with the German kindergarten children, who spend their holidays in the Kindergarten.

This Family camp serves to introduce children, parents, and the whole families to practical international Waldorf education, in Germany, the cradle of Waldorf, which started here, exactly 100 years ago.

For these learnings, in a German Waldorf environment we gather a total of 10 families from China to mix with a group of 10 children in the German kindergarten for one week. The adults will enjoy and learn through in-depths morning sessions and excursions, while we have a parent-child-program each afternoon.

You should join if you are curious to learn more about the benefits of authentic Waldorf practices for your family and children, and if you love to explore new cultures and make new meaningful people, who enrich your view onto this world, and onto life in general.

Due to the intensive experience, the wilderness exploration, nature, and specific characteristics of World Waldorf Children’s Camp (art and craft activities every day) parents should be prepared that children might dirty their clothes, feet and hands during the day. Counsellors are always involved into these activities and safeguard that children stay healthy and experience the joy that nature and community brings to them. Cellphones are collected by the counselors on the first day and handed out back to the children on the last day. Photos, videos and documentation will be accomplished by professionals, not from the participants, during the camp.