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For over 10 years in China, we offer our vast variety of curricular activities, tools and opportunities to engage in and enhance life skills for children, parents and adults.

About World Waldorf Camp

What do we actually do, when we do Waldorf in China?

World Waldorf Camp’s main goals are to propose benchmarking, contemporary approaches to education in China. It teaches children how to create with their own hands and appreciate the result. Witnessing their own capability, children grow in self-esteem toward their true und full potential. WWC creates an international environment for children, to teach children social skills through mutual interaction and to educate parents in raising their children to benefit from Waldorf methods. Thus, we foster holistically the development of the whole child, skills of the heart, the hand, and the head.

Today, World Waldorf Camp is now an international non-profit organization based in Shanghai, China.?

It is the only international Waldorf organization in China, run by foreign Waldorf graduates and Chinese educated Waldorf folk.

There are currently several Waldorf schools and Waldorf kindergartens in China, yet for the world’s most populated country with over 1.4 billion people, this is hardly enough. To sustainably influence a society and its direction, one needs a critical mass of people demanding and practicing certain values.

Only the first Chinese Waldorf School in Chengdu has its state license. Many parents recognize that children’s needs are not being truly met in the public school and kindergarten system. They are interested in Waldorf methods, but they do not dare to send their child to one of the new schools yet for, as Mr. Luo Xuan (Waldorf teacher, Chengdu school) puts it:

“Waldorf is something new to China and historically untried as an education for Chinese students in today’s very competitive economic system.”

World Waldorf Camp offers an experiential approach to Rudolf Steiner’s educational concept.

“Through our camps, even children who do not attend a Waldorf school can experience Waldorf activities with global Waldorf graduates, alumni, and teachers.”

During the holidays, we take kids out of the huge, polluted cities where most are living, into the marvelous, natural countryside that China and other parts of the world offer. We hike, sing, dance, act, experience and develop our senses together. We have social? encounters, and create art with our own hands and hearts.

Our Teachers are the most important asset we have, right after your kids.

Get to know our teachers from around the world. They are true Waldorf Education experienced people and are excited to be with us for every camp.